A Contemplative Nature

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Ministry of John Holliger
Art/Creative Expression
Fostering Creativity
Visual Art & Sculpture
Writing & Poetry
Earth Care
Community Living
Pastoral Care
Spiritual Direction/ Guidance
Spiritual Practices

Thematic Fine Art Photographic Exhibits and Spiritual Retreats

1.  Old Growth Trees:  Mystics and Poets of the Forest.

2.  While You Were Sleeping, Dreamy Landscape

3.  The Four Seasons, metaphors for our lives

4.  Water's Race to the Sea

5.  Extreme Macro Photography of Seeds 

6.  Kneeling to Drink from the Well: A Silent Retreat

7.  Classic Photography: Turning to the Light, one way to build a creating life

8. The Spirituality of Imperfection

9.  How Photographers See, Sam Abell, Dorothea Lange, Jon Kral, John Holliger

10.  Creating the Poem of Your Life, drawing on the cues of William Stafford

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